Diana Lippert

“I’m Diana Lippert, the one and only! I grew up in rural East Peoria, always having mulitple pets. From dogs, cats, rabbits, ducks, etc. During summers, I’d spend time with my grandparents in southern Missouri. They had a small farm and I was always out with the critters. Once I got older I attended ICC and Midstate College and got my Associate’s Degree in Business. My goal was to run my own business and do something that I loved. About 10 years after I graduated I got my start. I worked for another pet sitting service in the area. After 4 years the original owner decided to sell. Well, the new owner did not need an office manager or a full-time sitter and that freed me from my contract, and I was able to start my own service. I started Petsitting by Diana on June 1, 1997. Time has gone by so fast I can still remember the very first client calling me. God has blessed me so much and I thank you for allowing me and my sitters to do something we love and make a living at it. I could never see myself doing anything else. I love pet sitting!”


Hello, My name is Jewell and I have been a pet sitter for Diana about 11 years. I have known Diana for 35 years. I am also a single christian mother of three, two of which are at home. I work for the USPS and I manage the apartment complex that I live in. I grew up with all kinds animals: birds, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters and an iguana!. I also have some experience with livestock. I enjoy caring for the pets I sit and I love them unconditionally!


“Hi, my name is Joan. I’m from the Dunlap area, and currently live in Chillicothe, I’ve been close to animals since childhood and was raised with dogs, cats, rabbits, and goats. I also work in the veterinary field, which is how I met Diana almost 20 years ago! I love what I do and it is great to be able to care for pets in their home environments. I’m currently owned by three spoiled cats: Janey, Mogwai, and B.”



Hi, My name is Andrea. I'm from the West Peoria area originally but spent a couple years out East attending community college as well as nannying for a family for three years. I moved back a few years ago and couldn't think of a better place to be! I am pretty big animal lover myself as my family and I have 5 dogs of our own and a couple other odds and ends for animals. My family has always been known as a bit of a zoo family but we wouldn't have it any way else! I hope to one day become a Veterinarian as that's been a dream of mine since I was six years old!


I have had dogs all my life. My husband and I along with our two Pugs they had a litter of seven puppies. We kept two do we had family of 4. We also rescued 6 more dogs since then. I grew up next door to a small farm with chickens, sheep, cows, turkeys,peacocks and a horse.


Hello my name is Kelly Broomfield I have been a pet sitter for 3 wonderful years I love all different kinds of animals I have known Diana for 10 years I have three cats I love to spoil their names are Abby Felix and Missy.


I was born in California--but raised all over; most recently from North Carolina where I lived for 35 odd years growing up into adulthood myself and then raising my own son.  I've worked as a chemist all my life in various environmental labs, the State of NC, and here at the Ag Lab; in retail and of coarse pet-sitting.  My natural loves and instincts always go to the arts, music, and animals; they give me joy and peace.  If someone tells you that a critter doesn't have the capacity for love, they've never had the pleasure of caring for a furry, feathered or even a cold blooded friend!!


Jess 37 yrs old Sparland,  IL Love animals of all kinds, Lots of experience in caring for animals.    Honest, trustworthy,  dependable caregiver.