Diana Lippert

“I’m Diana Lippert, the one and only! I grew up in rural East Peoria, always having mulitple pets. From dogs, cats, rabbits, ducks, etc. During summers, I’d spend time with my grandparents in southern Missouri. They had a small farm and I was always out with the critters. Once I got older I attended ICC and Midstate College and got my Associate’s Degree in Business. My goal was to run my own business and do something that I loved. About 10 years after I graduated I got my start. I worked for another pet sitting service in the area. After 4 years the original owner decided to sell. Well, the new owner did not need an office manager or a full-time sitter and that freed me from my contract, and I was able to start my own service. I started Petsitting by Diana on June 1, 1997. Time has gone by so fast I can still remember the very first client calling me. God has blessed me so much and I thank you for allowing me and my sitters to do something we love and make a living at it. I could never see myself doing anything else. I love pet sitting!”