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Welcome to Petsitting by Diana – serving Central IL since 1997

Petsitting by Diana

Would you leave this little guy caged in a kennel while you go off to play on vacation?

Of course not! But what can you do? Where else can you turn for reliable care for your animals while your gone?



Get on the schedule for the holidays! 


We are unable to service the following areas until further notice:  Germantown Hills, parts of Metamora, Washington, Morton & EP.


dog walking peoriaTo Petsitting by Diana, that’s where. Petsitting is a cost-effective way to assure the least amount of stress on your animal, by allowing your pet to maintain as much of its daily routine as possible. Your pet will have the surroundings of home, familiar smells, sights and sounds, as well as food and treats. All in all, an excellent alternative to kennelling your pet, where your pet will have a great deal more unfamiliar surroundings, different turnout times for pottie and play, and not to mention all of this stress is in addition to not having you around.

However with a petsitting or housesitting schedule, your pet has a friendly face to welcome it as many times a day as you wish. A friendly face that reassures your pet every time they see it.

But it’s more expensive, right? WRONG! Petsitting is a cost-effective way to ensure that a professional sitter is maintaining your animal’s care in friendly confines. Whether your animal is a dog, cat, bird, horse, goat, rodent, reptile or anything else you call a pet, Petsitting by Diana is the way to go!



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